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are you?

We believe that it is rarely about ‘WHAT’ & often about ‘HOW’!

It’s the ‘HOW’ of research that we love to focus on.


into the abyss of the human mind.

Meaningful insights do not sit on the surface, one needs to travel deep into the human mind to talk to the real consumer and truly understand their motivations, desires, fears and concerns.


We lean on our
philosophy of ‘Crazy Science of Insights’

Crazy enough to shoot the arrow into the unexplored spaces yet Scientific to learn the skill, gain knowledge and get a perspective.


Our toolkit is scientific but HOW we action it is a little crazy.

We tap into the unexplored, deep spaces of the consumer mind through engaging techniques such as Storytelling and various psychometric techniques based on Neuro Linguistic Programming. We also have some powerful Digital solutions in our toolkit to understand the consumer behavior even better.
Our analysis frameworks are customized for each study so that we land on meaningful & relevant insights which can be translated into strategy.


Pan India coverage with a wide network of recruiters.

We have the capabilities of conducting fieldwork anywhere in the country; rural, urban, semi urban, LC1 towns.

Our operations team comes with a solid 20+ years of experience conducting fieldwork across India.

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